Tour de France Méribel – All you need to know

2nd September 2020
2nd September 2020 Alice

On September 16th and 17th, Méribel will welcome the riders of the Tour de France for one of the most challenging stages of the 107th edition of the world famous race. 

It’s the world premiere of The Tour in Méribel, everyone is very excited and planning is well underway to make the event the best it can be.

The 17th stage of the Tour, which departs from Grenoble on September 16th will see the riders take on an unprecedented climb to the sommet of the famous Col de la Loze, which sits at an altitude of 2,304 meters. This new high mountain route, reserved exclusively for cyclists, offers sections the steepest of which range between 16 and 20%! 

The next day, the riders will depart for the 18th stage, Méribel to La-Roche-sur-Foron, from the Tour de France Village at Altiport.

It’s set to be an eventful and exciting couple of days. We want you to be able to make the most out of your visit to the valley and to enjoy as much as you possibly can of the race, so here are some key bits of information that may well come in handy when planning your stay…

What stages of the race come to Méribel?

Stage 17 – Wednesday 16th September – Grenoble > Méribel Col de Ia Loze 168 km

Stage 18  – Thursday 17th September – Méribel > La Roche-sur-Foron 167,5 km

Will traffic be disrupted?

Traffic and access to the valley will be heavily disrupted from the evening of September 15th until late afternoon of September 17th.  The organising committee, ASO and the prefecture are currently working to define the methods of circulation and road closure and we will keep you updated as information comes in.

Currently, the roads that run through Meribel Centre are set to be closed September 15th  at 18H00 until September 17th at 14H00.

We recommend you avoid travel between Moutiers and Méribel between September 15th and September 17th and aim to arrive in resort before the evening of September 15th.

Where do I park?

Parking will not be permitted along Route de la montee, Route des Jeux Olympiques and Rue de Centre upwards (the race track) from September 11th at 8H00 until September 17th at 18H00.

Free car parks are located at: 

  • Méribel Village
  • Les Allues
  • La Chaudanne
  • Rond Point 
  • Le Raffort
  • Le Plantin
  • Méribel Mottaret

(a map will all locations can be found here)


In addition to the open car parks, parking is allowed along the RD90 between Méribel Centre and Méribel Mottaret, with a shuttle bus service running between Méribel Mottaret and La Chaudanne so you can get down to the centre to access the Saulire Express gondola and more.


Méribel Village car park is located at the base of the Golf chair lift which will take you up to the second day departure village. La Terrasse restaurant is located right opposite the car park and open to eat in or takeaway should you wish to grab a bite to eat before heading up.

In addition to the open car parks, parking is allowed along the RD98 between Méribel Village and La Tania. You will not be able to park anywhere along the race track. 

When are they expected to arrive in Méribel?


Les Allues 

14H45 – 15H15 Passage of the caravan

16H00 – 17H00 Passage of the peloton


15H15 – 15H45 Passage of the caravan

16H15 – 17H15 Passage of the peloton

The Tour de France caravan will stop 7km from the finish line

Col de la Loze 

16H45 – 17H45 Passage of the peloton. 

Full time schedules can be found here

What time does Stage 18 begin?

Stage 18 on 17th September sets off from the Tour de France departure village at Altiport, which can be accessed via the Golf chair lift in Méribel Village.

8H45 Start of the official entertainment on the podium stage

9H15 Opening of the Tour de France village

10H00 Advertising caravan

11H05 Official presentation of the riders on the podium stage

12H05 Start of Stage 18 

Full time schedule can be found here

Where’s the best place to see the tour?

See a full overview of the Tour de France Méribel route here


You will be able to watch the competitors cross the finish line of Stage 17. It can be accessed on foot via the Loze footpath which begins near The Blanchot restaurant at Altiport or by bike, via the Col de la Loze cycle route on the Courchevel side of the Col de la Loze. 

You can also view the race 3 km from the finish line, accessed by Saulire Express gondola lift which will be open from 9 o’clock and is free. You will not however be able to access the finish line from this point as the last 3 km of the track will be closed to the public. If you wish to see the finish line, you’ll need to get your walking boots on!


The 18th stage will depart from the Tour de France village at Altiport which can be accessed via Golf charilit in Méribel Village. It will open at 8 o’clock and is free


You will also be able to watch the race on giant screens across the resort. La Terrasse will be showing both stages of the race on a large screen on our terrace alongside an all day BBQ and live music in the evenings.

There will also be giant screens set up at the following locations:

  • Les Allues – Maison des Générations – giant screen, concert & refreshment bar 
  • Méribel – Place de l’Office de Tourisme – giant screen, entertainment & bars
  • Méribel – Telecabine Saulire Express – giant screen & refreshment bar

Will there be buses running?


Bus service running from Méribel Centre La Chaudanne to Méribel Mottaret between 8H-12H and 16H-20H


Bus service running from Méribel Centre (Les Barons) to the Tour de France departure village at Altiport (Blanchot restaurant) between 7H-9H30 and 12H30-15H


Overview of Tour de France in Meribel

Overview of Tour de France in Meribel

What else is on?

As well as the main spectacle, there will be other activities to enjoy over the course of The Tour’s visit to Méribel .

La Terrasse will have live music on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th at 7pm and Thursday  17th at 3pm.

There will be animation Oche a la mouche & refreshment bar at Altiport lake.

Rue des Jeux Olympiques in Méribel Centre will host the Official Boutiques of the Tour de France.

Where can I eat?

A whole variety of restaurants will be open across the Valley, from Les Allues all the way up to the sommet of Col de la Loze.

At La Terrasse we will be opening our doors at 7am on 15th, 16th and 17th September. There will be a breakfast menu available 7am-10am for 6€ plus BBQ and rotisserie chicken available to eat-in or take-away non-stop 12 noon – 10PM so you won’t have to go hungry!

What's on at La Terrasse during the Tour de France

What’s on at La Terrasse during the Tour de France

And please remember, for the safety of others:

Wearing of masks is mandatory at the event

Cough or sneeze into your elbow

Use single-use tissues and discard

Respect 1m distances

Wash hands regularly

You can read La Terrasse’s full COVID-19 service notice here

Waste Management at the event

Throughout the course, bags are provided to enable you to sort your waste: green bags for glasses, yellow bags for recyclable packaging and black bags for household waste

Unauthorised dumping is strictly forbidden

Other useful links:

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