Méribel welcomes Tour de France 2020

26th October 2019
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26th October 2019 Alice

It’s official! It was announced last Tuesday that the Tour De France will be coming to Meribel. Too say we are excited is an understatement!

The 107th edition of The Tour will start in Nice, arriving in Méribel on July 15th for the climax of the 17th stage, Grenoble – Meribel. The next day, riders will depart Meribel and head to La-Roche-sur-Foron for the 18th stage of the race.

See the full map here.

The 17th stage will see riders climb a brutal 2304m, culminating at the top of the famous Col De La Loze. It will be highest point of The Tour and is set to be one of the most demanding stages, with sections of up to 16-20% incline. Perhaps the spectacular scenery will help take their mind off the leg burn…

Where will you be next July? Coz we know where will. Lycras at the ready…. see you next summer Tour!

Al x

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