Tour de France Courchevel & Méribel

10th July 2023
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10th July 2023 Jeremy Saunders

Tour De France Courchevel stage comes back to Meribel on July 19th!!!

The Tour de France is the most watched sporting event in the world with 3.2 billion people tuning in to watch it on television! As a live spectacle 12 million people line the streets over the 23 days and 3400Kilomtres. Wherever the Tour de France passes, the carnival and festive ambiance comes with it!

In this little blog we will tell you about what is on offer during the day in Meribel Village, the best places to see the Tour, access information to Meribel and advise on biking the Col De La Loze itself!

Tour De France Courchevel

2020 Tour de France – the inaugural climb of the col de la Loze


On Wednesday 19 July the 176 competitors of the Tour de France will come speeding through Méribel past our doorstep at La Terrasse and Lodge du Village on their way up one of the most challenging climbs – the now legendary Col de la Loze (2304m!) before heading back down to Courchevel

To say we are excited to be so close to such a prestigious event is an understatement! The last tour that came through Méribel & Courchevel in September 2020 was postponed from the original date and had certain sanitary restriction in place due to the COVID pandemic. This time round we fully intend to make the most of it and make Méribel Village the place to be for this 17th etape of the Tour de France 2023!


What’s going on in Méribel during the Tour De France?

(courtesy of Méribel Office de Tourisme)

From 9:30 a.m., take the free Saulire Express gondola and join the fan zone: giant screen, refreshment bar, snack bar, official store. From 12 noon, in front of the Tourist Office: giant screen and concert. Caravan from 3pm and runners from 4:30pm.

Enjoy the Tour de France on one of the steepest stretches of the Col de la Loze. A choice of locations to enjoy the race! From 9:30 a.m., take the free Saulire Express gondola to the “Saulire Express” fan zone, where you’ll find a giant screen showing the entire stage, a refreshment bar, fast food and stalls including the official Tour boutique. In the center of Méribel, the stage will be broadcast on a giant screen in front of the Tourist Office from 12:00 p.m., followed by a closing concert. And of course, part of the caravan will pass by from 3:00 p.m. and the riders from around 4:30 p.m.

What’s going on in Méribel Village?

If you want to beat some of the crowds but still want a hot seat with an incredible atmosphere for the 17th etape of the Tour de France then look no further than Méribel Village!

Free Parking in Méribel Village

  • Méribel Village is a great place to park your caravan with a supermarket, bakery and of course a lovely little restaurant and bar!
  • If you are just coming for the day you can leave your car here and head up on foot towards the altiport and on to the Col de Loze
  • For the less adventurous stay in Méribel Village and enjoy all the action on our giant screenfrom the comfort of our terrace and then head out to the road at 3pm for the start of the entourage and eventually the riders themselves.
  • Remember to get here early as local roads will be closed around midday

Two Floors of Food & Drink to eat in or takeaway

  • At La Terrasse we are open from 8am until midnight on Tuesday 18 & Wednesday 19 July.
  • Our downstairs restaurant will be serving delicious à la carte food non-stop from midday until 10pm
  • We will be celebrating the end of the stage finish of the Tour De France with a GIANT paella from 7pm Wednesday
  • Reservations are strongly recommended!
  • The bar upstairs will also be open non-stop for both days serving great value hotdogs, loaded fries, sandwiches and cold drinks to eat-in or takeaway
  • Plus the bar will be showing all the action on two giant TV’s so you can watch live as the tour approaches Méribel & Courchevel

Two days of partying & live music!

live musi

AL Jones and his band will be performing for the Tour de France 2023

 We will be in full festive mode with music flowing out across the valley from the stage on our lower terrace all day long on the day of the tour!

Tuesday 18 July come and witness the pure joy of watching live the incredible talent of the Al Jones Band from 5-8pm. Acoustic pop, folk & blues.

 Wednesday 19 July the enigmatic lead singer and guitarist of KTr6’s “FAB” will be providing the tunes and the live rock music all day from midday until 8pm


Arriving by Bike?

Col De La Loze finish marker

Will you be attempting to the climb up the legendary col de la Loze? Here are some tips from locals….

There are plenty of descriptions out there about gradient from Brides les Bains via Courchevel and Meribel.  However the route taken during the Tour de France is a mashup of both these routes and in some ways is a preferred route for locals. Brides les Bains up via Les Praz and Meribel Village is the most shaded route, allows for some restful cycling around les Praz, La Tania and by Meribel Village before attacking the last and steepest 15 KMs up through Meribel.

The Col De La Loze last 15Kms is an immense experience. Not only the challenge of extremely steep ramps (some averages are 13% over the KM and sections are over 17%) but also the setting leaves you breathless. It is a purpose built cycling route, with no cars allowed which adds to the charm. The route winds itself through woods and pastures on a perfectly smooth surface. The views are spectacular is you manage to take your eyes of your front wheel that is!

perfect surface of the cold de la Loze

Top Tips

  • Water troughs for filling up are situated in Brides les Bains, Les Praz near the restaurants and there is a tap on the football pitch just at the  ski jump end. Further water fill ups are located in Meribel village (by La Terrasse and the bakery) and then the very last one is at Meribel 1600. Once you are on the last 13KMs there is no more water!
  • The last water fill up is by the Fifi restaurant at Meribel 1600
  • Public toilets are situated in Brides les Bains, St Bon and Les Praz. In Meribel you will need to go to the Chaudanne area to find public toilets (which is slightly off route).
  • The nearest all year round bike shop is Mount N Bike – they’re pretty good at getting you on the road again if you are mid ride!
  • The restaurant/bar at the top of the Loze is not always open – click here for their contact Le 1928
  • If you are cycling out of summer season (July/August) La Terrasse is the only restaurant in the area that is always open 365 7/7 11am to 11pm
  • Most amateur cyclists will say their best achievement is to climb the col de la Loze without putting a foot down! Yes, its that steep!
  • The descent has some really tricky tight, steep bends. Go one at a time, leave some space between you
  • Listen out and look out for Marmottes especially around the last 3 KMs!
Meribel Marmo

Meribel Marmotte


Further info

Click here for all the information from Meribel Office de Tourisme

Click here for the official page of the Tour de France for all the information about this stage of the tour

Wherever you watch the Tour de France Courchevel and Meribel stage we’re sure it will be an epic adventure! Enjoy your day!


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